Strength Studio - Squat Mastery
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Strength Studio - Squat Mastery

Squat Mastery is a course of distilled information which will give you the tools necessary to master the barbell squat. The course instructor, Erick Minor, will share his knowledge accumulated over 25 years of training a wide range of individuals including Olympic and professional athletes, and hundreds of fitness enthusiasts.

Squat Mastery is a 4-hour hands-on workshop that will give you the fundamental skills necessary to achieve a 2X's body weight barbell squat. Whether you are a novice trainee or advanced competitor looking to achieve a new record, you will learn valuable tools to enhance your training program.

Topics Covered
Assessing the Squat pattern
Addressing mobility limitations
Torso Stability
Proper barbell placement
Foot position for maximal output
Program Design

18 yrs of age and older
Powerlifting or weightlifting shoes recommended
Free of low back and/or knee issues

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