What is Functional Bodybuilder?

Functional Bodybuilder is a training philosophy based on five physical objectives:

  1. Optimal Mobility - A healthy body requires healthy joints that are stable, functional, and pain free.

  2. Muscularity - Muscle tissue is the passkey to metabolic health and physical appearance

  3. Strength - All physical abilities are based in strength

  4. Work Capacity - A strong and structurally sound body is an efficient body

  5. Longevity - Never sacrifice long-term health for short term gains

Functional Bodybuilder is not a list of exercises that are categorized into a "functional" vs a non-functional group. The mission of Functional Bodybuilder is to build bodies that are mobile, muscular, strong, resilient, and reliable; five qualities that will sustain health and improve appearance.

Five Tenets of the Functional Bodybuilder System

  1. Always prioritize long-term health when striving towards a physical goal. You cannot maintain a healthy body if you do not possess healthy joints.

  2. Leanness is a priority, adding excess bodyfat does not enhance muscle growth nor relative strength. If you are going to call yourself a bodybuilder, you should keep your body fat within a manageable range because too much body fat will negatively effect hormone production and nutrient partitioning.

  3. Focus on the muscles. Strength and growth are a product of muscle fatigue and tension. Exercise in a manner that fully engages as many muscle fibers as possible.

  4. Food is fuel. Consume an adequate amount of nourishing foods(proteins, fats, nutrients) and sufficient cleansing foods(vegetables, fruits),

  5. Sleep is the Foundation that supports a good training plan and nutrition plan are based. Without adequate sleep and recovery you will not maximize progress.