Functional Bodybuilder is a philosophical training strategy by which appearance, metabolic health, and orthopedic integrity are maximized. This is accomplished by using mental and physical strategies which will facilitate maximal results.

The Functional Bodybuilder philosophy is built on 4 Pillars:

  1. Movement is Primary

  2. Exercise is Muscle-Centric

  3. Sleep

  4. Nutrient Optimization

Deliberate Focus is the practice of being mindful and fully engaged in the immediate task at hand. This moment is the only one that exists, do focus your efforts and maximize the process.

Dynamic Movement Stability is the ability to move and stabilize the body through a variety of motions. The ability to express mobility is limited by the joints involved in the movements. The ability to stabilize the involved joints requires strength and coordination on all sides of the involved joints. 

Joint Independence before joint interdependence.
— Dr Andreo Spina

Strength is the foundation of all bio-motor abilities. If you want to run faster, jump higher, or look good; strength is at the foundation of the action. 
Strength is fleeting and must be forged with repeated inputs of stress that build and harden the body but does not injure.

Muscle Growth is beneficial for metabolic health, appearance, and hormonal health. More muscle is correlated to better metabolic and endocrine profiles. Functional Bodybuilder prioritizes muscle growth, but not at the expense of joint health.

Work Capacity is synonymous with endurance but of a slightly different nature. Within the realm of our philosophy, the ability to do a high amount of acyclic movement is our measure of endurance. Acyclic endurance is what you need to excel as a wrestler of MMA fighter. The standard definition is measured with cyclic steady-state exercise such as jogging or cycling. This is not as valuable as having acyclic endurance which 



The word fitness is often used to describe a wide variety of physical qualities. Most trainees are unaware that two models of fitness exists.

The Two models of Fitness

  1. Mathematical model: the measure of a specific event or task used to rank performance levels among competitors. For example, a high jumper who clears 7 ft is more fit than one who clears 6 ft. A sprinter who runs 100 meters in 9.8 second is more fit than one who covers the distance in 10.1 second.

  2. Metaphorical model: the representation of health, achieved through metabolic, orthopedic, and aesthetic improvements(improved posture, body fat, muscle mass, etc...). A de-conditioned person who improves blood markers after engaging in exercise and diet interventions would be considered more fit. A physique competitor with 7% body-fat and good posture, is more fit(looks better) than a competitor carrying 10% body-fat with poor posture.

The Tier-Training method is the primary method through which the functional body system is expressed.

Tier Training is a comprehensive strength training that organizes multiple training modalities in a manner that maximizes results and efficiency. This system goes far beyond the standard set and rep protocols and incorporates several advanced training methodologies and tactics.