Motivation is a Myth!

"Motivation is crap, motivation comes and goes. When you're driven, anything in front of you will get destroyed..." David Goggins, Retired Navy Seal, Ultra-Endurance Athlete

Your success is dependent on your ability to complete a task when circumstances are less than ideal. In other words, your ability to perform despite the circumstances is what separates the professional from the mediocre.
It’s not about motivation, it’s about habits and choices. Your habits influence your behavior, and it’s your behavior which is interpreted as being disciplined or not. If you choose to eat donuts for breakfast everyday, you are choosing short-term pleasure at the expense of long term health. Finding time to exercise can be challenging but again, it comes down to choices. If you love the way you feel after a good exercise session, you will find a way to get a session done, whether it be at home, the park, or the gym.

As the late and great strength coach Charles Poliquin said, “It’s what you love the most that dictates what you’re going to choose.”

Life is short, choose wisely.

Erick Minor