Take your Minerals and vitamins: Intro to Triage Theory

According to Dr Bruce Ames, a world renowned Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the human body manages vitamin and mineral deficiencies in a way that prioritizes short-term survival at the expense of long-term health. Dr Ames has coined this phenomenon, "Triage Theory." He proposes that the requirements for minerals and vitamins are prioritized based on immediate metabolic needs. When nutrient status is sub optimal, all available nutrients are partitioned to facilitate biological functions required for short-term survival, which take precedence over functions that are not immediately vital. Over time, this evolutionary adaptation of nutrient prioritization may result in an increased risk of health issues associated with aging such as metabolic syndrome, obesity, and heart disease.

Consuming a nutrient dense diet and taking a well designed multi vitamin/mineral supplement may offer long-term insurance against nutrient related health problems.



Erick Minor