Silence, The Missing Component

Law #4 "Always say less than necessary."
The 48 Laws Of Power

Silence is an art which is rarely practiced but often needed.

If you truly want to build a better body, you must cultivate the ability to focus on the task at hand and be aggressively present. This means less talk and more action. Excessive talking has zero benefit to physical health.

Three steps to a increase focus and improve your workout:

  1. Put away your phone; it won't help you lose fat or build muscle.
  2. Realize why you are here. Did you show up to waste an hour, or do you want to improve your health and change your body?
  3. Talk less, reflect more. Silence is golden, but some dialogue is necessary when working with a coach or instructor.

By practicing restraint over your words, you not only enhance the physical, you build mental discipline which is perceived as strength.


Erick Minor