About Erick Minor

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Erick Minor is the founder and owner of Strength Studio Inc. He has spent the past 22 years learning and practicing the most efficient means by which to enhance performance and appearance.

His clientele includes fitness enthusiasts, competitive physique athletes, and professional athletes(NFL, MLB, Olympics).
Former and present athletes include:
Darvis Patton, 2-Time Olympic sprinter
Wallace Spearmon - 2-Time Olympic Sprinter
LaShauntea Moore - Olympic sprinter
Porscha Lucas - Olympic sprinter
Scott Podesednik - MLB outfielder, World Series Champ
John Lackey - MLB Pitcher, World Series Champ
Zack Duke - MLB Pitcher
Dillon Gee - MLB Pitcher
Matt Belisle - MLB Pitcher
Brad Hawpe - MLB Outfielder
Jason Nix - MLB utility/outfielder
Marshall Newhouse - NFL Offensive tackle

Erick's love of strength began when he started competing in powerlifting while in the U.S. Air Force.
His personal records:
Squat - 625
Bench Press - 360
Deadlift - 675
These lifts were achieved at a bodyweight of 196lbs.